why people dont become wealthy

5 Reasons That Are Stopping You To Become Wealthy


We all have two choices in Life. Its Either we decide to make a Living or decide to design our lives.

Being wealthy is not an easy task.

It takes hard work, perseverance, burning desire, commitment, following some disciplines and all those other motivational stuff you always hear about.

For me personally… I’m not anywhere near the wealthy status(at least not yet), but I’m making massive baby steps towards the right direction ūüôā

There are reasons¬†that prevent peeps like me and you, not to become wealthy and I will try my very best to¬†explain these¬†reasons to you in the next two minutes or so…

There’s a chance this could be a turning point in your life and business/career…

So, here you go…

The 5 reasons that are stopping you to become wealthy.

1.¬†You Don’t¬†Expect To Become Wealthy

This is the number one reason why people do not become wealthy.

There belief systems are stuck in a way they do not even expect to become wealthy in the first place. The power of expectancy plays a huge role on your way to acquiring wealth and abundance of your life.

2. You Don’t¬†Decide To Be Successful

Another mind game that you probably struggle with,

You never decide to become successful.

Instead you quit before you even got started.

I was a victim of this – I was never seeing myself a success with my business/life.

Until I changed my mindset and I started thinking like a successful person (even though I was still struggling)

I started seeing tremendous changes in my life.

What do successful people and unsuccessful people have in common? They both hate to do what it takes to become successful…


Successful people do it anyway!

So Decide to become a Success today by doing whatever it takes to be one.

3. You Procrastinate

You say you will do, more often than you actually do.

Part of my life that¬†I frequently struggle with every single day ūüôĀ

Being a procrastinator can be one of the main reasons why you haven’t achieved anything in your life or business so far.

You find yourself never making that first step.

I still struggle today.

I have slightly Improved after learning these amazing master tips. I started accomplishing more on a daily basis.

4. You Lack Time Perspective

If you wake up in the morning…

And you don’t know what activities you are going to perform during the day that would help you move forward in your life or business.

Just know that you lack some time management in your life.

It’s¬†also one of the main¬†reasons why most people don’t become wealthy/successful in their life.

You should know exactly how your day is going to look like by setting up small goals/tasks that you must accomplish that would lead you to better productivity.

5. Your Inability To Delay Gratification

You spend too much time thinking of the Successes that you are likely to have before you even start doing what is necessary to become wealthy.

So if they don’t achieve anything…¬†YOU QUIT!

One of the core reasons why most people do not become wealthy, Is they fail to delay their thirst for wealthy gratification or in other words pleasure/ satisfaction/ fulfillments.

So this means if they don’t get what they want in their business – they quit or stop doing what it takes to become wealthy/successful.

Hope this helps… If you would like to leave your personal experience on this Topic or you simply have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback and get your questions answered!

Cheers ūüôā

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