7 Keys to a positive personality


Do you have a Positive personality?

I was a victim of having a negative personality all my life… until I stumbled upon these key concepts

Everything was impossible in my head… Every goal I wrote… every dream I envisioned felt like – not possible :/

I failed miserably.

I started questioning my abilities… strength… until I realized that nothing is easy, but that doesn’t make it impossible… infact you are only limited by your imagination.

Even after failing over and over again… I never stopped learning stuff, from the most

  • successful enterpreneurs
  • Online Trainers
  • Personal development coaches
  • Leadership trainers/coaches

And they all had a common trend that they were preaching – If you want to accomplish anything in life – You first have to believe that you can – which means you must have a positive personality in your mind and your body as whole.

As a result –  I came up with 7 key concepts to one having a positive personality so that they could accomplish their dreams, become successful on whatever they want to and live a good life

So here you go… The 7 keys to a Positive pesonality.

1.Positive self talk

Developing a positive mindset is a super power you need as you are going forward

  • “I like myself”
  • “I can do it”
  • “Yes I can”
  • “I am doing it”
  • “I believe in my strengths”

I personally struggled a lot to master this key concept, every time I tell myself that I can do something – something else inside tells me I can’t :/

It sucked. But as I kept on feeding my mind with positive self talks… every single day, the little voice inside me vanished!!

2.Positive visualization

Create a clear successful picture in whatever you want to accomplish and frequently play the pictures in your mind.

Okay this is what I usually do, I write down what I want (A clear Goal with visual pictures) then I read my goal every day before I go to bed and before I get up in the morning.

I Then Visualize (In my mind) that particular goal while reading it  – every single day until I accomplish that goal 😉

3. Associate with positive people

In order to have a positive personality, you have to Associate with People that have ambitions… Dreams.. goals…

Those friends that have all they have is negativity in their minds, CUT THEM OFF!

Learn to work in groups.. not individually. You can help a thousand but you can’t carry three in your back.

4. Positive Mental Food

Feed your mind with inspirational, positive instructional audios or informations on a daily basis…

I’ve literally spent hundreds of dollars buying instructional audio programs from Top leaders in our industry 🙂

I listen to a 30 min audio on a particular topic every day before I get up and before I go to bed.

5.Positive Training and Development

The more you sweat in training… the more you would reduce the amount of blood in succeeding.

Always Buy/attend Legitimate training programs that would develop you… read, learn and study on a daily basis..

They say.. Good in, Good out. Garbage In, Garbage out.

Whatever we input is what we output. So input positive personal development instructional audios… books

Inserting Positive informations every single day should be one of you greatest priorities.

 6. Positive Health Habits

Staying healthy can be one of the most important key concepts on your way to a positive personality. Eat healthy. Live healthy.

Work out on a daily basis so that you can enjoy your life successes even when you reach 80 😉

7. Positive Expectations

Your expectations becomes you reality… Expect to become successful. Expect to win.

Sometimes what we can say is “I want this or that”

what  we can’t say… “that its Possible”

What to do Now?

What you say and what you think about yourself can lead to either negative or positive results.

If you put something positive in… you’ll get a positive result. If you put something negative in… you’ll get a negative result.

Every thought, every action falls in your subconscious mind. So put some positive stuffs.

Your subconscious mind cannot determine if this is negative or positive, it just receives… and does everything in its power to manifest the request.

Why average people are average?

They live by a philosophy of ‘have’ then ‘be’ – they go around telling themselves ‘If I have this, I could be that’

While positive successful people go by a philosophy of ‘be then have’ – they believe that you have to ‘become’ the person before you ‘have’ the results.

Take some action today…

For your life to change… you have to change.

Cheers 🙂

If you think this has added some value to you… make sure you share it with you friends and family so that it could add value to them or leave a comment below if you have any questions – I’ll be glad to help.

2 Responses to "7 Keys to a positive personality"
  1. Hi nadeem,

    Having a positive outlook is key to becoming successful and the seven steps you’ve laid out are sure ways of achieving that. I spent a portion of my as a victim of my own thinking, just like you did.

    It wasn’t until I made a conscious decision to change the way I think that things began to turn around for me.

    The mind is like a sponge and will soak up everything around it. Like you said Good In, Good Out. If you lay a sponge in grease, it will soak up the grease, but if you lay a sponge in water it will cleanse itself. The mind is the same way. What ever we choose to soak up will determine our outcomes.

    • Hey Wayne

      Yes you can never accomplish anything in this life if you have a negative mindset on anything that you wanna pursue…

      Everything starts at believing at that particular Dream/Goal – only then you can become successful at it 🙂

      And once one understands how his/her mind works – where by the sub conscious mind just receives anything that is coming from the conscious mind and does everything in its power to manifest that particular thing whether its Garbage or Good

      Because our subconscious mind can’t determine if this is bad/good.. it just manifests that thing…

      So its super Important to put positive vibes in our minds every single day 😛

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