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Hi. I’m Nadeem Murad, a freelance writer for HIRE.

I make your life easy. Save you time and money.

Eeer… headaches too.

Nadeem murad

I work closely with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who want to consistently;

  • Create valuable content for their readers
  • Increase their visibility online
  • Get their business more traffic
  • Reach their intended audience on social media
  • Grow their email subscribers

I have expert knowledge in everything Digital marketing – Blogging, Email marketing, Content marketing, Lead generation.

My writing is Easy to read, Engaging and Conversational, Informative and Interesting, Grammar free, Search engine and Social media friendly.

I specialize In:

(But not limited to)

Blog writing – If blogging isn’t for you? No problem. I love it. I blog every day. I write quality content, conversational and speaks to your target audience with ease.

Ghostwriting – Busy? Allow me to take over. Write and convey your message for you. (I promise no one will know it was me)

Copywriting – Need copy that converts? Sales page, opt-in page (whatever) I will make those visitors take action. Whether is to sign up for your free course, subscribe to your newsletter, buy your course. I got it.


Hire me.

You may be asking yourself… Why me?

I’m a focused professional with excellent communication skills. I work great with timelines and capable of adapting different styles to match your voice.

Whether I’m writing from personal experience or research, I have the ability to describe your business or product or anything in particular in the same way an average user would do, just in a compelling language.

My results speak for themselves

I’ve reached thousands of readers across all social channels for the past year or so as a Freelancer.

Want proof?

I know how to craft my writing where your readers and Google will love…

(See below)



Yes. I wrote that.

It is now competing with all the top sites on a highly competitive keyword ‘Get traffic to your blog’

And… with 70+ comments on the article/tutorial, let me highlight a couple of peeps showing appreciation.


Like what you see?

Want the same results for your blog or business?

(I know you do)

Contact me today and let’s collaborate on your next venture. I can’t wait to hear from you!