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Best Online Marketing Tips – Become an Expert in The Process


Discover The Best Online Marketing Tips

Becoming an expert is a decision.. It’s so easy when you know how, I personally struggled a lot to understand this concept. How on earth am I going to become an expert while I don’t know anything?

And besides, no one will ever consider me an expert and moreover they will never listen to me…

Why would they care what I say or suggest to them? But once I learned that in order for you to become an expert in a particular subject, You are only 5 books away,

Because an average person will never ever read 5 books in a particular subject.

Yes people are that lazy…    lol

If you read my book or my story you’ll learn that am strong believer of reading and studying books and programs… I read and study every single day. Because that’s all it takes for you to become and expert.

I really never got it when I first started out… even after reading and studying Until I came across these amazing, Yet simple tips layed out by one of my mentors in a very easy and understandable way…

You might wanna note them down and here’s the deal, I’ll just outline them for you so as to keep this page relatively short.

Sounds Cool?

Okay Great…

1. Perspective

Now after you read and study a certain book in your particular  field… You note down the important concepts that got your attention and you share it with your audience i.e blog, video, audio, website article.

What if you don’t have any those stuff? easy just share it with the people around you, friends, family, Facebook status… heck. You are only limited by your Imagination.

2. Philosophy

The very basic way to describe this is you just share your view of the World… It could be problem, challenges, people are facing in your particular field…

After you read and share your perspective it will automatically be seen  as your philosophy by your audience.

3.Your Position

Where you are sharing your perspectives and philosophies is Super Important in the long-term of your success as an expert… Facebook status’ and tweets is cool when you are just starting out…

But at some point you must have your own virtual real estate(blog/website) that you own and manage…

Facebook and tweets should only be used as just another source of Traffic to your blog/web…So I suggest you start your own blog here .

As this is simply the easiest way to position yourself as an expert. Go for a paid blog, Don’t make the mistake of starting a Free blog…. believe me it could be a nightmare…

4. Capture some Information

This is critical… probably the most important part of your Success as an expert in your field.. There’s an old saying that says “The fortune is in the list”.

List of loyal email subscribers that decided to opt-in to your list… Iv’e covered everything here – read through this post first and come back later here to better understand this whole list building thing.

5. Your personal path

What is the first page you tend to view every time you land in a new web/blog? First You usually ask yourself who’s this guy? And how can he help me? The ‘About’ page.

Yes people need to know who you are so that they could relate connect with you in some way, you might not be successful yet like some of the Gurus or experts, but every human being out there is different, and has his own uniqueness to share to the world.

You have to be Real and authentic, People can sense your insincerity, fake or flatter like how a dog can sense danger.

6. Progress

Your progress is also one of the key factors that will determine your success as an expert in the long term… I usually tell and show people how I went from a broke college kid…

To become highly respected in the online world…if you think you still don’t have any progress, think again… you do, share everything you do…

The fact that you read this post, you read that book that taught you this and that… It doesn’t have to be Huge progress after all, When I began I was sharing everything I did in my day, from jogging in the morning,

Feeding my cat, attending a webinar, the book i was reading that week… I hope you got my point.


These are testimonials from the people who worked with you and appreciated the value that you added to them, if you are anything like me by reading one book every single week.

Imagine how much value could you add to your audience –  now that you have a blog/web then you’ll never run out of Ideas to share with them so make sure you get some feed backs from people who follow you,

If you still don’t have anyone that is reading your stuffs, then no problem this usually comes after some time…

8.  Your Products and Services

At some point you’ll have to have your own products and services that you offer, and this is where all the money is… We all wanna make money don’t we?

That’s why you are here in the first place, no beating around the bush!You’ll have to package your knowledge in a single book for example or e-book or video/audio series or programs …

That people will need to pay you in order to access them… if you don’t do this, then you have a hobby, not a business…


You’ll have to bring in and promote affiliated products in your range  products… affiliate products are basically other people’s products that you promote in exchange of a commission…

be sure to try, trust and believe the product first before you start promoting it to your audience.

10.Paying Clients

This is probably not necessary when you are just starting out but very powerful, immediately after you get a paying client make sure to add them to your Portfolio… Super Powerful!

If you are just starting out… I recommend you start out as an affiliate – Selling other people’s (experts) products and services before you even think of producing your own product/service/ program

And uhmm… what better place to start than here… the very same community that took me by the hand and showed me what works and what doesn’t… Start Your Journey here

Lets Connect 🙂

Am looking forward hearing your feedback, If you think this has added some value to you… then leave a comment below or share it with your friends and family…

See you at the Top. And Lets go make life a living Adventure..

2 Responses to "Best Online Marketing Tips – Become an Expert in The Process"
  1. Dear Nadeem,

    Yet, as I expected another great Blog Post written by you. It helped me see the Internet Marketing Business in a whole new light. For one to go from Plan A to Plan B, a routine must be set up, a Follow of Steps to take to reach the goal. Yes, we all want to make money, but focusing only on the money part will make it that much more difficult in concentrating your attention to first learning how to build yourself up from ground zero. Bottom of the valley to the Top of the Hill so to speak.

    Success runs in those who want to learn more, who are always curious, as well as for those who never give up when the going gets tough.

    I can say with true honesty, I spend most of my time per day doing research, reading on what other people think about a certain product before I write up my own final stance conclusion overview on it.

    It is hard to sometimes know what Products to Recommend versus those that are best to be avoided.

    I want to look into Products that don’t do Upsells, but that is rare since most do them anyways.

    Could you please offer some suggestions on Programs that don’t do Upsells but have a Trial Free Component to try them out before you dive deeper into the Online Program?

    Thanking you,

    • Hello Angel…

      It feels so Great to help you see the light on The Internet marketing business… and yes we have to correct the years of the past and pick up some new disciplines for the future 🙂

      We humans can do the most remarkable things… no matter what happens 🙂

      About the products that don’t do up-sells, well let me do some more in-depth research then I’ll get back to you – because I literally can’t outline all here ( I think i’ll do a post just for you in the coming days or so 🙂 – sounds cool?)

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