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How To Become An Online Expert – 10 Proven Steps


10 ways on becoming an Online Expert

Building a Multi – million Dollar Expert Empire won’t be easy, but it’s certainly worth it. I don’t care if it takes you 5… 7.. 10.. 15 years to call your expert empire – a Multi-Million Dollar Empire.

Because It’s simply worth the wait… Everyone wants to build a Multi-Million Dollar Expert Empire… Yes, Every one.

The question is How? Am certainly not there yet, but the fact that am making baby Steps towards the right direction, then I would Love to share with you these amazing secrets..

Mind theKey word “The Right Direction!!” – most people are going on top of the mountain until they realize that they were climbing the wrong mountain.

I thank God every single day for helping me, to be able to learn these exact easy to follow steps/secrets this early in my career…

Warning – most of these Secrets you know about or you have heard of…

Okay here you go…


1. Subject/Niche

A niche/subject is basically an industry/field where by your Target audience are already spending money on, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of profitable niches out there…

Take your time to choose  a niche just because your friend or just some guy you know is pursuing a certain niche, it doesn’t mean you have to invest your time and your whole life in it.

You will fail. Period. You have to choose a subject that you are really interested about, take your hobby for instance….

Or you might have an unfair advantage of getting the help of the same mentors/community that helped me get my niche


This is probably the most important aspect in you building friendships and relationships. People need to connect with you in some way.

So be sure to include every one of your hobby, Your cat, dog.. heck. Just include Everything. Have a story that connects with your audience…

The fact that you struggled or currently struggling to go to the next step…share with them.

Have a story that backs up your credibility. Your results story – If you still don’t have any results, It’s Okay.. Just share your Role model’s story – mentor, Coach.

You might share your researched story.. I use these two a lot – My mentor said this… my mentor said that. People will find you credible If you share other people’s stories.


Provide your audience (I’ll come to audience building in a minute) with high valuable content… How-to Strategies or High Performance Strategies…

We now live in a world where people are seeking advice or content that would really help them or add value to their lives – Pick a topic (mostly related to your Subject)

Examples of subjects could be Success + Sanity, Money +Wealth, Relationships, Spirituality +Growth… You don’t have to be a Super Expert or Guru to share something with the World.

You can read a certain Chapter in a particular Book.. Study that chapter and share it to your audience in your own way of thinking.

4. Products and Services

At some point on your journey You’ll have to create your own Products or Services. Branded by your Name All over the products.

So as to gain some kind of credibility to your audience and more over, make money. From books to E-books, Audio Programs, Webcasts, Video Series, Webinars, Tele-Seminars, Seminars, Online Courses, Coaching Programs/masterminds, Speeches…

Heck. that seems like a lot of work, but here’s the Myth’ -You don’t have to master all those techniques all at once. you take One at a time…

Besides, some of the Multi-million Dollar Empires out there, focus only on one two or three techniques…and you should probably do the same

5. Sales process

This is where you build your Audience… Where and how? I’ll help you uncover just that. In today’s world starting out a Profitable business offline is way harder than starting a business online.

You could literally go live with just a few bucks! Promoting and starting to make those sales  – that is if you plan your sales process so well that your audience close themselves down and buy from you… sounds Easy huh?

So now you know where you position yourself,  You must have a website/blog that

  • Add value to your audience, means people need free valuable content first
  • You must capture Email Addresses – simply because some people will come to your web/blog and never come back, so you must capture their information.
  • Your web/blog must make money $$$ or else you’ll just have another Hobby.

6. Social Presence Online

From Facebook to Pinterest… this will probably take time and Its very powerful having loyal happy customers following you Online that would really boost your sales in some way and more over drive free Traffic to your Site.

You don’t have to go for all Social networks… One at a time please…until you master it and feel safe to move to another. Some of the Guru’s out there, just use the social networks.. to drive free traffic to their site…

Increase Engagements and relationships using just one social network – Facebook or twitter

7.System and Structure

You must automate most of your business. That’s a fact. You must have systems and structures that work while you are a sleep or playing with your kids… The richest people in the world don’t have the most money, they have the most time Freedom.

If you don’t automate your business, then you are gonna have a Job… not a multi-million Dollar Empire that works for you.  If you are anything like me, you are starting out with a very low budget, then its okay to start all alone.

As time goes by you’ll probably need a couple of assistants, I currently have only one assistant and most million dollar empires don’t have more than 5 people in their staff. Yes its going to take time to set everything up but Once everything is set…

Everything else is automated. What do I mean by saying systems and structures? website/blog that capture information 24/7, email autoresponders, shoppingcarts that would let all your prospects close themselves down etc etc

8. Self confidence

I love this quote from Brian Tracy – one of the greatest Salesman of the last 3 decades

You gotta have self confidence in your self and what you have to offer to the world and more importantly to your audience.. If you don’t believe in your product or service that you offer then don’t expect people to buy either.

People tend to follow people who they like and trust and more importantly they will follow you if you are a leader worth to follow

9.Self discipline

I really struggled with this part… and am still struggling up to date, being discipline is a key deciding Factor in your long – term success…

if you say you are going to create a follow up series of emails then make sure you do, if its writing a blog post make sure you complete it in specific time. Commit yourself to small Goals every single day, and make sure you complete them before the end of the day.

I personally procrastinate a lot, I forget stuff. Now I decided to write a sticky note on my Pc – desktop every day before i go to bed – i just write what i’ll do tomorrow…

So when I open my Pc – BOOOOOM the tasks i need to accomplish are right there in front of my eyes on my desktop! Try writing a sticky note (they usually come built -in your operating system)  – write something you must accomplish tomorrow and leave the sticky note opened and shutdown your Pc  – when you start it tomorrow, you’ll see how powerful this can be…

10. Have a Service Mindset

Successful Experts who are building their multi-million dollar empire know that they have to sincerely Give so as to get. Mind the key word there… Sincerely Give something in order to get something in return.

Your free stuff should be so valuable that people won’t think twice in buying your product or service. That’s the Big secret in building your Expert Empire. Write a book , E-book, record an audio program or video series give it for Free to your audience..

Pheeeeeew,… What a long post this is but Its certainly worth a read and the fact that you are reading up to now then you are already miles ahead your competition.

Read it over and over again if you can, so as to soak it up all in. Am looking forward hearing your feedback, If you think this has added some value to you… then leave a comment below or share it with your friends and family…

See you at the Top. And Lets go make life a living Adventure..

Oh… by the way – heres your unfair advantage again… 

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