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10 Ridiculous Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your List


Building a list can be frustrating…

Its Not just about having a bunch of subscribers, Its about building a list of loyal subscribers that appreciate you and the value you add to them.

Subscribers that actually click your links and follow through your request. Its not easy, Yes. But once you know how to avoid the mistakes that am about to lay out for you here..

Then you will realize where most people get it all wrong and you’ll definitely have the Big unfair advantage against them.

So here we go…

1. You don’t use double Opt-in

This is a common mistake in the past, that most online marketers who are just starting out make. They don’t use double opt–in Forms.

Most reliable and respected autoresponder companies like Aweber have decided to put double opt-in forms as default because most newbies were making the mistake of  choosing single opt–ins from double opt–ins.

What is a opt in form you may ask?

Good question.

Basically opt in forms are usually located on a landing page or homepage or front page of your blog/web, where by people decide to get into your list by subscribing to either get news, updates, free training, free e-books etc etc

Now single opt in is when a prospect subscribes and they are automatically listed to your list and in double opt–in they will have to confirm their request if they actually requested to to opt–in.

Some researchers say, in single opt ins you end up with lots of rubbish subscribers who will never open your emails, while in double opt-in you only end up with qualified prospects…

Who are willing to go all the way by verifying their email and pre-qualifying themselves as serious prospects. So never make the mistake of using single opt-ins in your forms.


2.Blank/Poor Subject line

This is one single reason why people will choose to open or not to open your email… It’s Super Important.

Okay, most people usually don’t leave it blank but its often so poor that it doesn’t tempt your prospect to take the necessary step needed which is opening your email.

We all want our prospect to open our emails don’t we? So take your time to choose the perfect Subject line – It has to summarize your whole email in one or two words.

I usually prefer personalizing (Mentioning his/her name) in the subject line – don’t do it too often, your prospect might feel awkward hearing his name every time your email is sent. Examples of great subject line words include..


You are only limited by your imagination.. I hope you got the idea.

3. Proof – Reading Mistake

Okay, You have to proof-read your emails before you decide to push the send button… Don’t just write, blah blah blah with lots of spelling errors and typos all over your email..

Well I’ll tell you this, Nothing speaks Amateur than spelling errors and typos, always make sure you use a reliable spelling checker processor that will help you with your spelling (I prefer writing in Microsoft word first)

And don’t just end there, your spell checker will only help you in checking your spelling errors but they won’t help you with your Grammar. Always proof read your email. Read it over and over again if you can, before you push the send button.

4. Personalize Failure

Failure to personalize the email… Imagine getting this kind of email —–>> “hey, I’ve just released a new product, check it out” or getting this kind of email,

For example your name is John —->>> ” Hey John, Its Nadeem here, I’ve just released a new product, Check it out”

Which email are you likely to respond at? Yep… You guessed it, the second one right…   At least that is exactly what I would do. The first email looks like a broadcast, no doubt!

But.. uhmmm.. the second email, certainly looks personally written for you. But the truth is because of the smart autoresponders like Aweber…

They can even automate that for you – you just write one email but its send to like what? 100? 2000? 200000 people… every email will be personalized no matter what the number is…

5. Writing a novel – the power of keeping it short

You always want to keep it short. Some marketers out there will definitely dis-agree with me here… maybe it worked for them and maybe it could work for you by writing long freaking emails.

But for the people I help out start a successful business? I certainly don’t recommend writing long emails.. get to the point, and send people to your site for further information..

Well I had a hard time figuring out this when I started out, I did some tests and I personally had better conversions with shorter emails… So Less is better.

6. You think more Interaction is better

Nope… that’s a myth. I have to say this again.. Less is better, You have to listen to your List. It’s an absolute mistake if you think interacting with them more and more it will help you get more sales.

You’ll only irritate your list and you’ll wonder why more people are unsubscribing more than who are subscribing. Please don’t make the mistake of contacting them every single day…

That’s pure spammy.. and don’t make the mistake of not contacting them at least two times a week That’s the lowest you could ever go..

You can definitely contact them in a specific period of time.

 You tell them something like, “hey John expect my 10 step process to your Success in the next few 15 days”

I hope you got the idea.

7. Promote Promote promote

Okay most people are smart enough to know that you should never make the mistake of promoting and promoting your Product or service without adding any kind of value to them.

And I hope You are smart enough to know that as well… Its actually supposed to be the complete opposite, “valuable content, valuable content, valuable content”

Then people who appreciate your valuable content will close themselves down to your product or service…

8.Expecting an instant Response

Well this was one situation I was finding myself in every time i sent an email… I didn’t know that people were busy with their lives as well… Yes they double Opt-in to my list

But hey, They have their lives and stuff they think of… So don’t expect people to react to your emails every single time you send one, especially if you are starting out.

Give it some time, and let people react when they are ready and comfortable… Don’t make the mistake of bombing them with further emails because they didn’t respond to the first one.

9. You stop talking to people once they buy

It should actually be the complete opposite of this… as they say “it’s way way more easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one” – After they buy the first product from you (which is the hard part), only then you’ll gain the credibility and trust.

  • First understand that – You d
  • Second – You are a real person, So as soon as they purchase that product from you then make sure you keep them up to date, providing valuable content and follow up email series that they would close themselves down in your second product or service.

10. You don’t know why people are Unsubscribing

The only way to know why people are unsubscribing is by doing some A/B testing…. You put up two different lists, offering the same products or services with different email sequences.

You have to do some testing so as to know which email series your audience prefers, and more over you’ll definitely understand your audience, what they like, what they want etc etc…

Don’t just put up the same email series over and over again and expecting different results. You always want to test some stuff if you really want to build a successful online business.

Am looking forward hearing your feedback, If you think this has added some value to you… then share it with your friends and family

See you at the top. And lets go make life a living adventure..

Oh.. Another important thing… we want to make sure that we listen to our list. Not just bombing them with content and affiliate links, spammyy emails.

We have to communicate with them.

In order to be a good communicator, you have be a good listener… So listen to your LIST!!

Lets connect  – Leave a comment below if you think this post was helpful and of course… So that i could listen to you as well and help you even more…

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