how to increase your productivity

How To Increase Your Productivity – 7 Proven Strategies


Struggling To Be More Productive?

You are not alone… I personally struggled a lot to schedule my day and be more productive, when I was just starting out to build my business.

I found myself wasting a lot of my precious time on other people’s agendas… such as reading emails, clicking blue links and surfing on the web all day long…

Until I learned these Proven Action Management strategies on how to increase my productivity, I started making massive baby steps to my dreams/goals.

Do you find your self wondering around on the web? Reading emails, watching videos on YouTube or stuck on other people’s Blog/Website without doing the stuff that matter to you and your business?

1. Allocate Time Everyday

Before You end your day or go to bed, Allocate the time which you are going to plan your next day.

Such as… at 10pm or Before you go to bed, you are going to plan how your next day is going to look like.

2. Make A List

One thing that most successful or productive people in the world how to increase your productivityare good at, is this… they wake up in the morning and they already have a list on which activities they are going to do for the rest of the day.

I personally do this every single day before I go to bed, I strategically write down on what activities am going to do/perform that would help me move forward in my business and life.

Just write down anything you want to accomplish – do not be afraid to write down as many as you want… just put them in the list.

3. Prioritize Your List

After you are done randomly writing down your activities that you are going to perform the next day, then you prioritize those activities into A, B, and C list of prioritizes..

For example…

In List A – you put only the activities that are the most important, List B – you put the activities that are less important than list A and List C are the activities that are the least important activities in your list.

Just Arrange them, and lets go to the next step 🙂

4. Arrange The A, B and C priorities into A1, A2, B1

After you are done arranging them in A, B and C priorities…

You then prioritize them even more into A1, A2, A3 – starting form the most important task/activity that you would like to accomplish.

This step will make us start our day with the very most important activity from our list and accomplish it.

So… You will typically have…

A1, A2, A3 Lists…..  

B1, B2, B3 Lists….

C1, C2, C3 Lists….

5. Define A Time Limit For Each A and B Priorities

You have to make sure that you are not scheduling too many activities that you can’t accomplish during the course of your day.

Figure out the time that you were likely to take when you are working on your A1 List… For example you say, In my A1 list… I will only use 120 minutes to complete those particular tasks/activities.

And you do the same on other lists… A2, A3… B1, B2… etc etc

6. Set Appointments In Your Day

Your Tasks should be scheduled in your day on when are you going to accomplish each A and B Lists…

For example you already defined the time limit say… 120 minutes on A1 list, you then locate on which part of your day are you going to accomplish the tasks such as, from 10 to 12pm  you are going to work on your A1 list.

From 1 to 2pm you are going to work on your A2 list… and so on and on…

7. Schedule Time To Read and Respond To Other People’s Agendas

Yes, schedule time to click those blue links you get in your email or surfing on the web, because if you don’t… at some point during your day you are going to get distracted and try to check your inbox or something.

This really helps you to stay focused on your most important activities as you know at what time are you going to check your inbox 🙂

Hope this Helps…

If you would like to leave your personal experience on how you are accomplishing or struggling with your activities or you have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback and get your questions answered!

Cheers 🙂

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